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At its core, philanthropy and nonprofit studies aims to develop civic-minded graduates and reflective professionals. This goal has never been more relevant than today, as more Americans donate to charities and volunteer than vote in political elections. Philanthropy and nonprofit sector are thus at the center of how we engage in public debates and aim to shape the common good. However, while we rely on consumer reviews in deciding what restaurants to eat at and break down the performance of athletes into multiple indicators, we rarely do the same due diligence before giving or donating. As an educator, my goal is therefore to provide my students with an understanding of how to contribute to society through philanthropy and volunteering, the ability to apply technical skills to the working of nonprofit and philanthropic agencies, and a personal awareness and disposition for engaging with our community.


At Auburn University, I teach both core and elective courses in the philanthropy and nonprofit studies (PNPS) major. In my courses I include a service learning and student philanthropy component as I find them ideal approaches to emphasize the combination of skills, knowledge, and disposition at the center of my teaching.

CADS 1700
Giving and Sharing

Exploration of traditions of American philanthropy including a service-learning component. Students reflect on their giving experiences and apply philanthropic traditions to their own lives, service experiences, educational and professional goals, and visions for a better world.

CADS 2700
Introduction to nonprofit organizations

Introduction to mission, structure, and impact of nonprofit organizations at the local, state, national and international levels.

CADS 3780 

Introduction to philanthropic grantmaking institutions including mission development, needs assessment, proposal analysis, and site visits. Incorporates student philanthropy via development of grant-making strategies and best practices in individual giving.

CADS 5780
international philanthropy

Introduction to the role of international philanthropy in addressing global poverty and how philanthropic practices and behaviors are embedded in cultural contexts. Explores best practices in cross-border philanthropy and volunteering, supporting the development of cross-cultural competencies.

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