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Auburn University

(Undergraduate) Giving and Sharing

(Undergraduate/in-person & online) Introduction to Nonprofit Organizations

(Undergraduate) Grantmaking

(Undergraduate) International Philanthropy

(Undergraduate) Internship

(Undergraduate) Portfolio Development for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies

Murray State University

(Graduate/in-person & online) Nonprofit Organization Development, Management, and Leadership

(Graduate/in-person & online) The Nonprofit Sector and Civil Society 

(Graduate/online) Policy, Legal Issues, and Advocacy for Social Change in Nonprofit Organizations

(Undergraduate) Giving, Philanthropy & Grants

(Undergraduate) Philanthropy, NGOs and International Development

(Undergraduate) Special Problems in Nonprofit Organizations

(Undergraduate; honors seminar; in-person & online) Community Engagement and the Nonprofit Sector

(Undergraduate) Program Development in Nonprofit Organizations

(Undergraduate; in-person & Interactive Television (ITV)) Introduction to Nonprofit Management

(Undergraduate) Internship

(Undergraduate) Senior Seminar: Professional Development

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

(Graduate) Civil Society and Public Policy

(Graduate) Civil Society in Comparative Perspective

(Graduate/Online) Civil Society and Philanthropy    


(Undergraduate) Introduction to Philanthropic Studies

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