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My research interests focus on how philanthropic and associational action can shape and influence societal transformations. I am particularly interested in the ways private actors exercise an influence in public life through associational and philanthropic vehicles in times of political, cultural, and economic crises. This broad-based approach and the reliance on historical methods has allowed me to track changes over time in associational action and philanthropic strategies, to better understand today’s philanthropic practices. This research interest has developed along various trajectories.


Conceptually, my work is influenced by my reading and understanding of the concept of civil society. I have engaged with these theoretical questions in  studies published in Voluntas, NVSQ, and Journal of Civil Society, where I define civil society heuristically as the way individuals – with their own economic, social, and political interests – participate in public debates with the explicit aim to shape societal transformation for the common good. These practices can take the form of philanthropy, associational life, and behavioral norms. This approach guides my investigation of a set of interrelated themes that run through all my work.

  • The possibilities for individual agency through philanthropy and associations, as by definition they connect the individual sphere of action and the public sphere.

  • The attention to civil society as a combination of civil society practices and discourses, that is, how discourses influence practices driven by an understanding of the common good and aiming to shape society.

  • The role of public affairs and nonprofit studies programs in establishing civil society by addressing the root causes of political contentiousness.


My research relies on historical methods to better understand today’s philanthropic practices and enhance the efficiency and impact of organized philanthropy.

Philanthropic Innovations

The project focuses on when foundations adopt philanthropic innovations and how these innovations diffuse throughout the sector. It thus frames foundations as adopters of innovation and not (just) funders of it.

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Building Civil society and Philanthropic Foundations

From a historical perspective, the project focuses on how philanthropic foundations and associational practices attempt to influence societal change in times of crises, both nationally and internationally.

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Institutionalizing Nonprofit Studies

The project investigates the contributions of US philanthropic foundations to the growth of the field in the United States and beyond. The project aims to stimulate a reflection on how academia, the nonprofit sector, and philanthropy have worked together over the past three decades to increase the capacity and quality of the many and varied organizations committed to the public good.

Image by Susan Q Yin

Global Development Solutions

The research project examines current capacity-building activities for civil society organizations (CSOs) in Liberia and utilizes a participatory action research approach to develop a context-based nonprofit management education (NME) curriculum that will better meet Liberian civil society’s capacity-building needs.

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Philanthropic Innovations
Global Solutions
Institutionalizing NP Studies
Philanthropy, Truma, and Space
Research projects
Building Civil Society
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